03 December 2010

Reverb10 - moment

OK this one is about a moment from this year when you felt most alive. Also supposed to add lots of descriptive bits.

Initially I just thought I was just going to be lazy and put a photo up of a time I remember in the summer when we were with Tammy's family, walking back along the seafront after a nice meal out together.

It was one of the most relaxed nights out we'd ever really managed with Jake, particularly for me as he was very well behaved, ate well, but mostly because he was happy to play with other people - not just me for once.

It was still warm when we left, had just got dark and the moon was shining bright and full behind us out to sea.

I was running and playing games with Jake and Alyx (his 12 year old cousin), laughing a lot, feeling like a kid all over again. I remember running backwards so I could watch Jake try to keep up - make sure he didn't fall over and hurt himself. Jake simply beamed with energy and joy (God knows where he got it from - or where my energy came from for that matter - must have been the sea air).

Behind me I would catch glimpses of Tammy walking arm in arm with her brother. I couldn't really see closely, but I like to imagine she was as content that time as I was. Long held plans had finally come together and people seemed to be having a good time. An actual holiday. A time when we could relax a bit. Something we hadn't been able to do for far too long.

It made me feel as if things didn't always have to be the way they were, and that maybe, just maybe, we could live a normal and happy life again some day soon...


Couldn't find the photo. I know we had some. I also remember how disappointed I was with how they came out. How they just didn't get anywhere close to capturing the beauty of reflection of the moon against the sea.

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