01 December 2010

2010 - Gubbins, 2011 - Survival

A new challenge, prompted by my other half.

One word that describes last year -


This means its not been great, there has been stress from many sides. Not least having to watch the suffering of someone special to me, from an ever increasing and helpless distance. Thankfully Jake gives us so much energy and purpose that this year has also been one of the most liveable and joyful I can remember.

I chose the word gubbins because it is something Jake increasingly now uses to describe anything out of place around him, and is one of the few things guaranteed to make that person I was telling you about crack one of her incredible smiles.

Next year - I would wish for survival. That should be enough for all of us. One step at a time.


Gubbins is a chiefly British and by now old-fashioned slang term that originally meant the fragments of something. It then became used to describe an amount of nondescript (and presumably useless) bits and pieces - "I can't even get into the shed because your father's got all his old gubbins lying around." - and therefore figuratively to mean unimportant nonsense

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