17 October 2012

My People

And finally, a few doodle people for you:

One week in September

The first (and only) homework we got from the new class was do a visual diary of the week. Here are a few bits from that I did:

 Nearly mugged
Land of smiles
 Burma shave
Dancing Jake

Old school friend 
Random other stuff

Yes it was a pretty strange week! 

Summer stuff

Some things from this Summer:

My Mum (when she was blind)


A couple from the National Portrait Gallery sessions:

 A pretty flower (growing out of something looks much like shit and barbed wire)

And one I call zombies in a shop:

Some more recent course stuff

And here is some stuff from the current course:

Some stuff from my courses

I have been spending some evenings going to art class, trying to learn how to do some of this stuff a bit more proper-like.

Here are some from the Working Mens College classes earlier this year: