16 June 2007


This here is something I just did for The Heartfel' Challenge. Not sure why but the Monday Artday and Illustration Friday topics just haven't been grabbin' me of late, so thought I'd try something new. Or maybe its just I've been being lazy of late. Dunno.
Anyway this is a painting inspired by the sculptures by Subodh Kerkar, we saw back at the end of 2005 in the Kerkar Art Complex in Goa, India.
Completely obsessed by ladies netherregions, so he was.


the heartful blogger said...

Thank you for taking up the challenge, even if I nagged you into it. I like the way the red stands out against the blue.

maria said...

I like your blog

steve said...

Love the warmth in your colors in your work, and how you're inspired by sculpture. Your IF entry was gorgeous and so is this. Hope to see more from you and good luck with that Mexican finger puppet (still laughing)!