21 June 2007

A Fistful of BAFTAs

Went on a tedious work awayday at BAFTA's offices the other day.

They gave us this notepaper to help us formulate our thoughts and better contribute towards future team success!

Just about managed to get through the day without vomiting, falling asleep or hitting someone by playing silly word games and doodling.

As a result the day was indeed a marvellous success. Just look at the fine collection of BAFTAs I came away with.


If , like me, you ever feel despair at work events, then you will probably find the following site useful:

If you love your boss and company - then you possibly need enlightenment through Bob. Try this lovely video for starters. Then try this one.

Have fun!

1 comment:

steve said...

Haaaa! This is great!! I recall doodling (though not this good) at a recent teacher's meeting, which gave me the very same feeling of vomiting. Yet, many there seemed to be really enjoying themselves. Sad.