10 April 2006

The Mad Potter

This here is my first attempt drawing someone from real life. First time I used a paintbrush too (other than for creosoting fences or painting walls that is).

Now I know this ain't strictly speaking anything to do with speed, but I doubt I'll have time to do much else this week, and the wheel was spinning fast, and she was very quick making the pots, and I am in a rush right now.

Hell, I've seen far more tenuous reasons for getting work seen out there than this.

Hope y'all like it.


Robert McLaughlin said...

Yes, I like it. It's speedy enough for me. BTW, you look too young to have a mid-life crises. You must be kidding. Or maybe you're just getting it over with early.

disappointed said...

as above!

robert said it all! it's a good sketch.

Marie-Dom said...

Great sketch and brave of you to sit and do it from life. That sort of thing scares me. You've caught that feel of concentration the potter has whilst trying to control clay on a whizzing wheel!

Rectite23 said...

those wheels do move pretty fast! nice illo!

the heartful blogger said...

Now I draw attention to myself by saying that this drawing of Mad on the wheel is tons better than mine. Excellent.

Pati @-;-- said...

Please keep going, to many of us is very exciting that Illo Friday encourages everybody to show its personal way to see the world.

kimbu said...

Thank you all kindly. Robert and Bugglegum, glad yous think I'm young looking, its amazing what a bit of Photoshop can do for a fella. Maybe Adobe should partner with some plastic surgery company?

I only started this drawing lark thanks to the motivational skills of the wonderful Tammy Hanna back in February. Was feeling a bit lost as to what to do next with my life and, although I ain't foolin myself that doodlin' online is a miraculous life/career changing event - meeting Tammy most certainly was.