26 March 2006


Conker Monsters

This was the house hidden back from the road near from where I grew up. They told us monsters lived there, up in the conker trees.

Every year, I would see those fine conkers just sitting there waiting to be picked, but I was way too small to climb in.

A railway line passed next to the trees, and the bigger kids would climb down the railway banks to get to the conkers. One day a kid got electrocuted on the tracks and died. The family that lived there upped and moved away, and the gate stayed locked.

Some folks tried to blame the monsters, but us kids knew different.

Now when I see conkers on the floor, I think of the monsters, still there behind the locked gates, playing conker fights with ghosts of those kids passed away, keeping them happy in the dark afterlife.


I hope you'll remember them next time you're passing conker trees on a train. Give them a wave. They'd really like that they would.

You may even see them wave back.


the heartful blogger said...

You've made me afraid of conker trees now!! Great drawing, very atmospheric, especially the tree branches and shadows.

Liz Jones said...

Cool! Great story!! What exactly is a conker tree?

HARDWAX said...

I don't know what conkers are, but if I see one in a nightmare-which I will now have, because of your story and picture, I will tell them to go to Kimba, your his conkers, and your from his ghost story. Goodnight.

AscenderRisesAbove said...

Reminded me of Pat Conroys "Prince of Tides"; in the book - not the movie - where he talks of walking past the prison.... can't remember the name of it; something like "Cornwall"

kimbu said...

Conkers are Horse Chestnuts. Thanks for the nice comments. Sorry to scare you. I thought it was a warm and comforting story myself, shows how twisted I am.

cosmos said...

First time here. HA! I indeed like the contrast of black on black on dark gray. Perhaps a brewski from the "Beer God" will make me see what it is. Do more. Or less.

curiosa said...

I think this story is wonderful. I want to stand right next to the black silhouette and peer through the iron gates and feel the exciting tickle of fear on my back as I hear the monsters whisper in the evening wind.

Christine Lim Simpson said...

I love your new entry. I find your story rather whimsical, and heart warming, as you have said.

By the way, I guess I haven't told you that your photo reminds me of a friend who lives in London. His name is Alan. You are not him by any chance, becos I don't think I know your real name?

Anyhow, thanks for your very kind comments on my blog. I feel like flying. :)

tiffinix said...

Great illio this week and story. Wonderful color and atmosphere - I feel like I am looking in to one of "those houses".

Anonymous said...

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