08 September 2007


This weeks Illustration Friday got me to thinking about how my mum and dad are about to move out of the house I was born and grew up in.

They are both in their seventies and need the extra cash moving to a smaller place would bring to live out their years in some comfort. Besides Dad isn’t so active anymore and can’t keep on looking after the big garden with the chicken coups, vegetables and flowers.

In a few weeks I’ll head on back there for one last look around.

As much as I may have hated the people in the town I grew up in, I always kind of liked the house.

It was always just big enough to hide away in.

Being able to hide is very important when growing up.


Anyway, back to momentum – moving on and all that. Ever since I left home back in ‘89 I have lived at nearly 20 different addresses – never staying in one place more than two years.

My parents have lived in their house for almost 50 years.

I feel very scared for them.


ElizT said...

It might be less of a bad event than you think. I can imagine a new beginning and the casting-off of old accumulations of stuff as being quite invigorating--once the actual sorting and move are done. Hard for you.

flora said...

I enjoy your sketches. Sometime change is a good thing. Hope everything is well with your parents and their new palce.

the heartful blogger said...

These are wonderful drawings, even if I can't figure out what your Dad's holding!

By the way, your Mom called while you were out picking up the Indian to say that they sold the house!

Kimbu said...

Dad is holding his cock (never thought I'd say that).

In case you were wondering he keeps chickens.

nĂ  said...

i hope you had a good visit, when are they moving? good luck to them, i'm sure it will go well. will the chickens be going with them? hugs to you guys!

HARDWAX said...

I hate that they have to leave, and they look fragile.