15 February 2007


Just back from 2 weeks in Mexico. Managed a few scribbles. Here's some:

A statue in the courtyard where the Gaia cafe bar was:

A chair in the same courtyard:

The Flor de Loto veggie restaurant sign:

Our balcony in the Casa de la Tia hostel:

I strongly recommend you read something about what has been happening in Oaxaca. There was a long occupation of the zocalo by a mix of local people, community and political groups following heavy arm tactics by the governor to break up a small teachers strike. End of November they sent in the army and shot and arrested many of the leaders of the revolt. An uneasy police state 'peace' currently hangs over the city. Thousands are still campaigning across Mexico and in solidarity across the world with the protesters. A megamarch (the 9th) took place when we were in Mexico with around 30,000 joining in to continue to put pressure on the national and local government to release the prisoners and oust the corrupt right wing governor.
The following links give some background and current news from the area, about a story largely ignored by the world's press:
As for the nice photos from the trip - mi amiga took most of those. Click here if you want to see more of Mexico.

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