24 November 2006

A lesser spotted Mongolian Tree Nibbler

When asked to explain my recent lack of creative fortitude, I complained of having been beset by Mongolian Tree Nibblers. Having told how those pesky fellows can so take up a fellas time such that he could most easily lack the artistic faculties necessary to indulge in such illuminatory endeavours, my muse called me out, accusing me of 'pure invention'. She went further to suggest that I'd been resting on my royal posterior watching far too much of some series she called deadwood. Forswearing such uncouth retorts as were itchin' to burst forth from my loins, I decided on illustrating my point in a manner deemed most appropriate to such a foul suggestion, in the hope that this dispell such sacriligious runours once and for all.

So here he is, my cuddly compadre.


His name is AL


Anonymous said...

Funny stuff! You know, my husband names everything...AL!

shadowsandclouds said...

mr kimbuland, it's about time you wrote a book!!! :)

Joy Eliz said...

Fantastic illo!
A motivation-eater...hopefully I'll find my critter and chase him off.
Thanks for the info :)

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Nice work. No, I've definitly seen one of those before, while touring eastern Asia.

Oh, and you should persue that secret shopper thing. I've earned tons of cash! haha, just kidding. :)

belinda said...

interesting reading and visual on the mongolian tree nibbler. great brit humour... never heard of them before. great illo!!!

troglodyte mignon said...

has some trendy hair too a+

steve said...

Hello Al! Don't get in any trouble now.