23 September 2006

Irrational Fear # 1

The theme for Illustration Friday this week reminded me of some cartoons I drew many many years ago when I was a disturbed teenager. I did a series of these called Irrational Fear. Now, having grown up into a suitably disturbed adult, I feel ready to share some of these with you. This particular one was inspired by a song by a band called Elephants for Breakfast:

There once was a small room which contained a collection of tablets.
A man with big eyebrows offered me a selction of the best ones he had.
He said they are all very good and that they would stop me feeling sorry for myself.
But I declined his kind offer and headed straight to the window. There I saw something much more interesting than a few
From the window opposite I saw someone looking at me.
He had such big, big eyes!
He seemed to recognise me from somewhere, but I can't quite remember ever having sees such big, big eyes before.
Then I realised that the man had no eyelids. That he must be able to see most everything that is going on.
Seeing the man made me glad that I know darkness, for clearly he knows none.

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