13 June 2006

Swimming Jungle Pig

A few lives ago, I visited the Amazon jungle in Bolivia, where I saw a swimming pig. The local men in the boat wanted to scare the pig and ram it with sticks and the side of the boat. We screamed and begged them to stop. The river was very strong and we were afraid the pig would not make it to his family on the other side. But they only laughed and kept on attacking the pig, which did not know which way to turn.

Eventually, after much protest, and a few horrible minutes toying with the pig (and toying with us, the silly gringos) the men gave in.

When we were far enough away, we were relieved to see the pig still had enough wit and energy left to make it over to his family on the other side.

Wonder if the pig remembers that?


arvindh said...

It is great that you could persuade them to leave the pig along. Great story and illustration!

Tony LaRocca said...

River Pig Baiting- a sport I've never heard of before. Maybe the locals just wanted to stop it before it grew and mutated into CyberPig, capable of buringing down the village with his radioactive eyes. Or maybe they were just schmucks.

Christine Lim Simpson said...

Poor piggy.