21 May 2006


Since the recent move, I have been listening to my old records again, retrieved from the barren wilderness of my brothers damp flat. Its been like getting back my memories. Those albums were so important to me growing up. Poring over the covers, reading the lyrics, admiring the art. Now its all about how many tracks can you fit in your phone, a million hours of muzak compressed in your pocket, coming at you non-stop, convenient and soulless. How easy it has become it seems not to have to make a choice, to have to get up and turn the record over, dust it down, give it a clean.

So in one sense this drawing of an old Hank Williams album I was just playing harks back to a sorrow for having somehow lost that excitement of my youth, of hunting down from shop to shop in order to find that elusive record (no Amazon in those days), buying it, guarding it carefully all the way home, then playing it for the first time.

It also reminds me of a time of my life I am not proud of, of a person I feel I owe an apology to.

But that's another story.


Mercedes said...

Yes, this week we have a personal topic, ha? very subjective.
This drawing is very emocional, nice work and thanks for the comment!

Ricardo tecnoCOP said...

Hello there! Thanks for your compliments and for the vist! I'm not very much a hand drawing artist, but hey... IF is all about have some fun, isn't it?!
Enjoyed your sketch a lot! I'm not a good friend of pen and paper, so... :)
Take care! Bye!

miragee said...

Wow, you are a poet...There's something about your words and images. They work like magic...

Jeannine said...

I like what you had to say about records ... I miss records. Your illustration, combined with your words, makes for a powerful Illustration Friday offering.

Jaimie said...

I like your drawing very much. it has a moody abstract quality to it.