19 February 2006

Trapped in a well

This is my first attempt to do anything. My partner told me about this Illustration Friday doohickey. The theme this week was SONG. So I figured since I often hide myself away alot in dark places, and that songs are a good way out of those holes I dig for myself, I'd better draw me a well.

So here it is. Me looking down on me trapped in a well.

Hope y'all like it.

I used pencil, then watercolour pencils (smudged with a kitchen towel) then Photoshop to get the griminess I was looking for.


diana said...

beautiful idea, i like it. a lot :)

the heartful blogger said...

I think you used my watercolour pencils to great effect! Love the texture and darkness, contrasted with the lightness of the sky.

PS Are you sure you're not a cowboy?

HARDWAX said...

From the look of you in the well, doesn't look like there's much point in you digging yourself out of this particular well, unless your gonna bury the bones. perhaps a different well-one where there is still hope of resurrection.
An most amazing idea for Song. and marvelous artwork.

Christine Lim Simpson said...

Nice work. And I like the name Kimbu.

Anonymous said...

This would make an excellent etching! Unique idea :)